Sunday, August 8, 2010


Alright-time for RHONJ and Kim G. Oh wait-I meant, "who?". Kim G went whack. She was sitting there yelling at Danielle in a public restaurant. I mean, I hate Danielle as much as the next girl, but Kim G blew her lid and then some. It was insane, but not a good insane. When Teresa was chasing Danielle at the fashion show that was pretty hilarious. But Kim G yelling profanities at Danielle was just real classless [maybe the Countess is right-money can't buy you class]. And then she barged in Jacqueline's house and starts cursing and baby Nicholas probably pooped his pants. She knew it had to be coming though. Can anyone really blame Danielle for being upset? Kim G was playing both sides, but only one side knew it. Kim just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Who thinks she's going to become the new housewife? Then it wouldn't be 15 minutes, it would be like a lot of minutes. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm on the fence about her-I like her sometimes, but then there are times where her two-facedness [yes-I made that word up] is just off-the-wall-ridiculous. Danielle freaked her kids out at that shady diner they always go to. She acts more like a kid than her own children do. I don't know how they ended up so decent, but Danielle had nothing to do with it. I guess having to take care of their mother does that to them. I like how the story came from an eyebrow plucker at a salon who was talking to someone, maybe Teresa, or maybe Kim G, or maybe Christine's friend. It was hard to follow that story-I think it kept changing. I'm glad Danielle called her ex-convict friend, Danny "the smallest thug I've ever seen", to take care of salon gossip. Good call.

The Christening of baby Audriana was adorable. That has to be the most beautiful baby, and that's saying something because my little cousin is tough competition. She looked like a porcelain doll. They went above and beyond and beyond and beyond to throw that celebration. Joe seemed to get hot around the collar a few too many times. Are you feeling the loss of money there, Joe? They obviously should have been more careful with their spending. Every episode shows them dropping mega bones on all sorts of important stuff [like a huge, tacky, yellow diamond ring the size of my face, more huge bows for the girls of course, oh and a pizza place-can't forget that one] But I mean, that Christening was amazinggg. No joke-the cake looked like her dress. Seriously folks? I would've thought it was a wedding. I actually wish I could have a wedding that is half as nice as that Christening ceremony. And the baby is like less than 12 months, and I'm like less than 22 years. Bummer on me. It was sweet seeing Jacqueline and Ashley having a cute mother-daughter moment. Those are rare to find in that household. I teared up during the first dance of the parents and Audriana-but really, it's pretty cheesy. The baby was just hanging out there in between her mother's bubbies and her father's oversized chest-we'll call that bubbies too.

Next week looks like a good episode-Joe seems to lose it. I think the money thing starts to come to a boil. Interested to see where that goes! And they all go to Venice?? Whaattt??

Tanti baci! [I think that's Italian, don't know what it means-just go with it]

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