Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Proverbial Post

I already miss RHONJ. And it's been less than 24 hours. Last night's finale show was kookadoodledoo.

Caroline went out to slay the beast and she won..or lost..or it was a tie? Danielle ran away when Caroline went a little Kelly Killorean Bensimon on us. Danielle needed bodyguards to protect her from the ringleader of the Italian clan, who has been instigating every dramatic hair pull and fashion show foot chase of the season [click]. Then Danielle made her kids hug her rescuers. Who didn't have to rescue her. But saved her life. I loved that Caroline called her garbage..again. She should copyright that expression. And Danielle should copyright proverbial, or actually just stop using it. When you say someone is sitting on a throne, we know it's not an actual throne [exception]. Thanks for having zero faith in human intelligence.

So is the book closed? Oh-let me clarify, the proverbial book. Unless the whole time they were actually referring to the infamous "book" of the Last Supper. Maybe proverbial is needed here. But I did hear that the book is closed about 27 times, so I was just checking.

I might have cried while reading Caroline's blog this morning. I really out-lamed myself, but it's worth the read, so check it out!

There's also a super-mega-crazy-awesome clip from the reunion show which you should check out too! Spoiler: Andy Cohen gets manhandled-nonMazel!!

And if anyone has any solid proof about Danielle being fired from the show, hit us up. All I've found are rumors.

I have to go get scanned by my Zen expert now.


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