Monday, August 30, 2010

Totally Un-Bravo Related

Today marks the first day of the semester for Mallory and I. She's starting her junior year, and I'm in my last college run, the big guy [technically girl, but that's not what the expression says] on campus. I feel like just yesterday I was a freshman, with my map out, completely lost, literally and figuratively! Gosh-time really does fly. Well Mallory is in class right now, super bored [how do I know?? because she just texted me this, and apparently also needs to pee real bad], and I just wanted to wish her a happy first day!! I know she's going to have an amazinggg one! love you boo!

So to all of you lovely sweethearts out there who start school, have already started school, or are about to start school, good luck and we know you all will look and be fabulous for this kickstart of the school year! Be yourselves, make new friends and I feel like Caroline Manzo would want me to say 'don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do'!

And if you are already out of school, we wish you the very best too! Continue being your super wonderful self!

Thanks & gig 'em
[bless bless]

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