Friday, July 30, 2010

The Brass Monkey-Reenacted

Andy Cohen was on the Colbert Report and it was stinking hilarious. Check it out:

Welcome to the World, Bryn Casey!

Hello Bravo fans!
I'm taking a break from my day to fill you in on my favorite Thursday night show, Bethenny Getting Married? Sadly, this was the last episode before the season finale, which airs next Thursday, August 5th. Keep it posted on your calendar because you won't want to miss it! It's baby shower time!

Bethenny Getting Married? - First off, let me tell you all how much more I love Bethenny Frankel. I mean I already adored her, but to see her in motherhood is like seeing a new light. Who thought the high maintenance, work-a-holic woman could be such a nurturer?! She never ceases to amaze me. The scene where Jason, Bethenny, and baby Bryn were in the car on the way home from the hospital was the moment I realized how calm and content she was--I'm sure a great deal of it was exhaustion as well. Can you imagine being in labor for 25 hours just to find out that you need a C-section because your birth canal is too narrow?? Ridiculous.
Also, thank goodness for baby nurses! Baby Bryn would've been stuck in the car forever--ok maybe not forever, but for a good amount of time...Bethenny's baby schooling obviously didn't teach her how to adequately take out the car seat. But that's ok, everyone has to learn one day--even if it means with the help of a baby nurse :)
Ok and I totally understand why Bethenny was nervous about foot and hand printing Bryn. She was so tiny! Only 4 pounds of life in Jason's hands would make me overly cautious too. So, I know that we were all worried about Cookie not approving of the new addition to the home, but luckily Cookie accepted the fact that this baby was staying whether she liked it or not. Ok and honestly, I know that Bethenny has alot of trust in her dog, but I don't think I would've put Bryn on the floor right next to her. She's known to be pretty territiorial (ahem, Shawn Rabideau). I mean, Bryn is practically the same size as Cookie. Yikes...that screams danger to me!
Can I just say that I'm now requesting a husband like Jason? Yeah, I know he's taken but I'm considering making a clone of him. He's so sweet! He was glowing during the entire episode! I want my child to have a father who has the kind of love that Jason has for Bryn. Bethenny, you are one lucky woman! Also, his gift to her was so sentimental--three beautiful bracelets, one for each person in the Hoppy family. Precious.
Next up, Max Meisel and his rocky encounter with Kristen. Even Jason was there to help him out as a wingman! Oh Max, you make me grateful that I'm a female...I can avoid the anxiety of having to ask a woman out on a date :) But hey, Max was successful in the end! It definitely didn't go as planned and even Jason had to prompt Max by talking to Kristen for him, but he got the girl!
One thing that made my blood boil was Robert Vendi's punk-a** attitude toward Max! He was completely condescending. Max didn't even stir up any trouble. In fact, he was a gentleman and handled the situation maturely. Seriously Robert, can Max's sister have her pants back now...

One last note, Bethenny finally got to drink her first post-pregnancy Skinny Girl Margarita on a date night with Jason. She was in complete bliss. Yummm!

Well my friends, I think this just about wraps it up.
Cheers to the Hoppys,

Mallory and Kathryn

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Money Can't Buy You Class

It's our first post and we are so pumped! In the words of infamous Vicky, "whoo hoo!". Our lives revolve around Bravo, seriously. We don't only watch 98% of the shows on the Bravo network, but it's possible that we quote/discuss it in 98% of our daily conversations. Our adoration of Bravo will become real evident with more posts, because it literally exudes from our pores, or eh-our words in this case. So, I guess we should start flipping some tables already:

So the week is almost over and Bravo didn't let us down. While RHONJ mellowed out this week, Work of Art amped it up. We had to say goodbye to Watch What Happens Live until September and we're so close to the premier of RHODC that you can feel the political tension. Okay-enough of the lame intro, let's start discussing:

No one really likes Mondays, but Bravo knew what they were doing when they put RHONJ on Monday night to give us something to get us through the day. The drama was to a minimum-which was a little disappointing. Did we really kind of like Danielle this episode? She actually did something sweet. Her ex-hubby, Tom Staub, was kind of creepy though, right? Was it just us who thought that? Now we see who Christine takes after. We thought Christine's idea of having a sweet 16 party that was a charity event was touching. We don't know where she inherited that from. Jillian was too adorable and her song was as cute as her freckles. Ashley is driving us [in the words of Rachel Zoe] lit-rally ba-na-nas. She really out immatured herself this episode. Countersue Danielle? On what charges-being called a coke whore? We think that maybe Jacqueline and Chris should let her try to handle this one on her own and let her see how it pans out for herself. Ashley needs to realize that daddy's money can only buy you out of so many things, but we all know that money can't buy you class. We have to admit though, it's probably hard growing up on camera and having people criticize you for just being a teenager. We all went through a stage like that, just not on film. Teresa and Joe celebrated 10 years of marriage. That was kind of awkward, right? We were both like "oh hey-that's weird". Their whole financial situation is easily explained-did you see that ring? Gaudy as all get out, but probably cost 100 pounds of meat from the Italian meat market. Who else had to Google "fugazi"? We sure did. Apparently it means "fake" and you would only know this if you were some Italian guido. Those families are some straight up Italianos. So Albie joined the police force, but from reading Caroline's blog, it's just a volunteer position. He wants to see the state of NJ laws at work. Think it might be a good experience for him, and no one can say that he's just bumming around. The Manzo's are fun to watch. We would love to be a part of their family, and we would both be more than willing to marry Albie to do it.

Who watched Watch What Happens Live? Andy Cohen is a hilarious guy-we love him. Did we both have his picture as our phone background? Why yes, we did. No shame. So it was the season finale episode, until September. We'll definitely feel it's loss. It was good seeing Rachel Dratch. SNL just hasn't been the same without her. Debbie Downer was only one of the funniest skits on the show at that time. Thank you viewer who asked for her to do the Debbie Downer face. It was fantastic. Bethenny looked smokin' as usual. Her harsh wit always leaves us laughing. Did anyone else notice her SkinnyGirl books on the coffee table? Good PR work there. This weeks show was such a step up from last weeks. Glad to see they dumped Danielle and got their spark back. The poll was a good one-who wouldn't want Caroline as their mother..or mother-in-law? We miss Ben Weiner! We're almost as excited for him to get back as Andy Cohen is! [He is a real kid, right? It's been a great debate for us]. We're counting down the days until the next WWHL.

Top Chef gave us a GORGEOUS congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock, for the QuickFire challenge. All we have to say is-he's got our vote. He sure gave us a quickfire when he flashed that stunning smile. We don't even remember who won that challenge, but it was probably Angelo. The elimination challenge this week was to make a "power lunch". Not 100% entirely sure what that is, but we went with it. Alex stole Ed's peas!! Okay-it was never proven, and after reading Tom Colicchio's blog on it might have just been a misunderstanding on the chef's part, or not. We'll never know, but if Alex did take the puree, he's the one who has to live with the guilt. Ed not saying anything showed a good sportsmanlike behavior, and hopefully he can win the next challenge. It was good seeing Tiffany in the top 3 because we love our fellow Texan! Andrea was sent home, but it wasn't a shocker. She even seemed like she knew it was going to be her. Not too upset that she was sent packing her knives-she never made a dish that stood out, but we wish her the best in her cooking endeavors. We're waiting for the Restaurant Wars because we know it's coming, and that episode delivers every season. Personalities really come out and we bet there will be some Angelo/Kenny drama going on.

Work of Art-you knew it was coming. What can we even say about this one? Enough of Jackie and her naked self. Miles seemed to enjoy this one way too much and once again, he completely influenced another person's artwork. All we can say is that we're glad Abdi is on the show. He just seems like the nicest person. Okay fine, we'll admit it-we have Abdi crushes. It's disappointing to see him struggling these past few episodes. He rocked out the first challenges and now he just seems beaten down. We actually had an argument over the fact that Abdi asked the judges what they wanted. It was a heated debate-until we realized that we were debating Work of Art. Why did they keep asking Jackie what she was doing in her painting-it wasn't like it was extremely obvious or anything. Ha-right. She's so shy yet she takes nude photos. We're on to you, you can't fool us. Mark really exposed himself this week but it wasn't enough. Maybe he thought that since Jackie always wins for nude photos of herself that he would win too? We really respected the way that he took one for the team and did something he was uncomfortable with. While it was good to see Abdi stay, it was hard to see someone who tried to stretch them self end up failing. We're no art connoisseurs but his artwork was very literal. Can't wait for next week's episode to see who is in the final show, and we hope the naked photos come to an end.

Look for our next post about Bethenny Getting Married?

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