Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to the World, Bryn Casey!

Hello Bravo fans!
I'm taking a break from my day to fill you in on my favorite Thursday night show, Bethenny Getting Married? Sadly, this was the last episode before the season finale, which airs next Thursday, August 5th. Keep it posted on your calendar because you won't want to miss it! It's baby shower time!

Bethenny Getting Married? - First off, let me tell you all how much more I love Bethenny Frankel. I mean I already adored her, but to see her in motherhood is like seeing a new light. Who thought the high maintenance, work-a-holic woman could be such a nurturer?! She never ceases to amaze me. The scene where Jason, Bethenny, and baby Bryn were in the car on the way home from the hospital was the moment I realized how calm and content she was--I'm sure a great deal of it was exhaustion as well. Can you imagine being in labor for 25 hours just to find out that you need a C-section because your birth canal is too narrow?? Ridiculous.
Also, thank goodness for baby nurses! Baby Bryn would've been stuck in the car forever--ok maybe not forever, but for a good amount of time...Bethenny's baby schooling obviously didn't teach her how to adequately take out the car seat. But that's ok, everyone has to learn one day--even if it means with the help of a baby nurse :)
Ok and I totally understand why Bethenny was nervous about foot and hand printing Bryn. She was so tiny! Only 4 pounds of life in Jason's hands would make me overly cautious too. So, I know that we were all worried about Cookie not approving of the new addition to the home, but luckily Cookie accepted the fact that this baby was staying whether she liked it or not. Ok and honestly, I know that Bethenny has alot of trust in her dog, but I don't think I would've put Bryn on the floor right next to her. She's known to be pretty territiorial (ahem, Shawn Rabideau). I mean, Bryn is practically the same size as Cookie. Yikes...that screams danger to me!
Can I just say that I'm now requesting a husband like Jason? Yeah, I know he's taken but I'm considering making a clone of him. He's so sweet! He was glowing during the entire episode! I want my child to have a father who has the kind of love that Jason has for Bryn. Bethenny, you are one lucky woman! Also, his gift to her was so sentimental--three beautiful bracelets, one for each person in the Hoppy family. Precious.
Next up, Max Meisel and his rocky encounter with Kristen. Even Jason was there to help him out as a wingman! Oh Max, you make me grateful that I'm a female...I can avoid the anxiety of having to ask a woman out on a date :) But hey, Max was successful in the end! It definitely didn't go as planned and even Jason had to prompt Max by talking to Kristen for him, but he got the girl!
One thing that made my blood boil was Robert Vendi's punk-a** attitude toward Max! He was completely condescending. Max didn't even stir up any trouble. In fact, he was a gentleman and handled the situation maturely. Seriously Robert, can Max's sister have her pants back now...

One last note, Bethenny finally got to drink her first post-pregnancy Skinny Girl Margarita on a date night with Jason. She was in complete bliss. Yummm!

Well my friends, I think this just about wraps it up.
Cheers to the Hoppys,

Mallory and Kathryn

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