Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Danielle vs. Those Woman

Holy crapballs. I felt the intensity of the RHONJ reunion through my tv. Within the first 10 minutes I was running for cover. Where to even start with this one? Can we first address Danielle's lack of a-dress [pun]? She really Jersey shored it up: a white wife-beater and a sequined miniskirt? Classy. The other ladies looked super Jerseylicious. They didn't let me down-their dresses were as tight and short as they could be. Loved it! Caroline looked smokin' in her one-shoulder number.

Okay-now for the 'DON'T BRING UP MY FAMILY' part. I was wrong, NJ didn't hit the fan, Teresa did. Before I start talking about it, if you didn't see the clip [which if you haven't, I'm pretty ashamed of you right now] or want to relive it [which is totally acceptable, I've watched it about 4 times so far] see the video below. Now that you have watched/rewatched the moment, let's talk about it.

My first question is, why would Danielle bring up Teresa's nephew? Why is that controversial? I feel like there is some other drama going on there that we don't know about. Well, it set Teresa off. Is it wrong that I wanted T to hit D?? D just sat there all smug and then strutted off like a cougar. T acted like a caged animal. She freaking knocked Andy Cohen out of her way!! Non-mazel. Like I said before, I completely understand why Andy is gay. Women are cray-cray [hey-that rhymed. nice]. So D cried to her hair dresser and the lesbian super star Lori [and that's another story-I think it's totally a publicity stunt]. They got D back, but T couldn't pass Andy. Caroline calmed T down as best as she could. I thought C was going to lose her finger. Got it?? I didn't know if there were enough D's, T's, and C's to confuse you guys.

There is literally so much I could talk about. I'm trying to organize it all, but I'm jumping all over the place.

Every question Cohen asked was turned into a fight.
Example: "So you had a baby this season"
"Yes, I did. Baby Nicholas. He's beautiful. And Danielle, you did not go with me to my appointments! You're a liar! Would you like me to give you my child?! Did you get me pregnant?! You know what-you're garbage. Gar-bage." [insert expletives at will]

So yeah. I like how Cohen asked why Danielle always said 'woman' instead of 'women' and then when he asked her what the plural of 'woman' was, she answered 'woman'. The gramma of these woman is suberbably high.

This is already getting long, so I'll just sum it up:

Would love to hear your thoughts about the show & be sure to tune in next week for part 2.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Jersey Hits the Fan

It's what we've all been waiting for-RHONJ Reunion Show! So tease up that hair, wear the tightest dress you can find, and whip out that NJ accent [try out: ain't I nice? I want a cup of cuoffee. fuhgeddaboudit.] I'm pretty sure that Andy Cohen is reassured with his decision to be gay while having to deal with these woman [or to the rest of the world minus Danielle Staub, women]. The countdown begins-4 hours!!

Update: More Back to School Advice from Bethenny Frankel

So a few days ago I posted a topic about Bethenny Frankel's back to school advice. After checking out my Twitter today, I saw that Bethenny had more advice to give us! How could I ever ignore her additional tips?? I'll definitely be taking her tips seriously! My junior year has just begun and healthy eating is always needed. Plus she has a rockin' body that I want not only now, but also when I'm 39 years of age!

College 101: More Back to School Advice

Totally Un-Bravo Related

Today marks the first day of the semester for Mallory and I. She's starting her junior year, and I'm in my last college run, the big guy [technically girl, but that's not what the expression says] on campus. I feel like just yesterday I was a freshman, with my map out, completely lost, literally and figuratively! Gosh-time really does fly. Well Mallory is in class right now, super bored [how do I know?? because she just texted me this, and apparently also needs to pee real bad], and I just wanted to wish her a happy first day!! I know she's going to have an amazinggg one! love you boo!

So to all of you lovely sweethearts out there who start school, have already started school, or are about to start school, good luck and we know you all will look and be fabulous for this kickstart of the school year! Be yourselves, make new friends and I feel like Caroline Manzo would want me to say 'don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do'!

And if you are already out of school, we wish you the very best too! Continue being your super wonderful self!

Thanks & gig 'em
[bless bless]

Top Chef Takes Top Spot

Good eating took the win last night at the Emmy's! Top Chef became Top Show! I think everyone was shocked [don't believe me? See picture below for solid proof]. 'Amazing Race' has won 7 times in a row in the reality competition category and was expected to win for the 8th time. But Top Chef told them to pack their passports and go. Tom Colicchio, ever the Mr. Sunshine, tweeted during the awards show and said "we won". Andy Cohen was rather nonchalant when he tweeted "WE WONNNNNN! TOPCHEF TOPCHEF TOPCHEF TOPCHEF!!" And can I just comment on Padma-she looked stinking gorgeousss! She pulled off that 'beautiful without trying look' effortlessly, like she always does. So natural, but so beautiful! Gail looked stunning as well, but she is just so adorable all the time anyways. Tom had it good, 2 beautiful ladies on each arm-nice going Tommy.
Congratulations Top Chef on your first Emmy! We knew that this foodtastic show had it in them!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is Fierce

Christian Siriano-who doesn't love this hot mess of a designer? Project Runway was at it's prime when Christian scored the title of winner for season 4 [back when it was on Bravo and still amazing]

Well the former PR contestant has gone from runway to sidewalk by designing shoes for Payless that are in stores now. Take a look at his collection:

Jacqueline Exotic Zip Sandal


Empress Dress Shoes

So what do you guys say? Is he in or is he out?

The Broadway Bunch

The Real Housewives of New Jersey women guest star in the off-broadway musical My Big Gay Italian Wedding. The bravolebrities (minus Danielle) will make their first appearance on the St. Lukes Theater stage in New York City September 1st. To purchase tickets and find out more information visit the TheaterMania website.

My Big Gay Italian Wedding Cast

Friday, August 27, 2010

Goodbye Freshman 15, Hello Healthy Diet!

I just checked out Bethenny's website and she has some great advice on how to avoid the Freshman 15 (or Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Super Senior...). Since I'm currently a college student I know it can be easy for most people to gain wait quickly and lose it slowly. It's hard to take time out of a busy schedule and make a healthy meal! Since universities have just begun a new semester, get an early start and eat well!

And I'm totally about to give Bethenny some free publicity: So I've read Bethenny's Naturally Thin and Skinnygirl Dish and seriously they both are super encouraging. She hates the diet word, so she gives a new way to think about food. It definitely teaches you how to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Try it-it's awesome stuff!

Ask Alex

Alex McCord has some words of her own to share with the public about the RHDC. For the most part, I think Alex hit the nail on the head about these women and their lifestyles. Take a look for yourself!

You Dumb Drag Queen

I love that the Bethenny comment from this past season was personified.
I hope this was on purpose, because that would mean Luann has a personality
If only I could figure out which one she is.
And now I'll be singing "Money Can't Buy You Class" for the rest of the day. Super.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clearly You've Never Been to Singapore..

But Top Chef has!! Ahhh! The Top Chef Finale location was revealed like literally 2 minutes ago!

They're going to Singapore!

TC kicked it up a notch this season!
This is huge-almost as big as Tom Colicchio's head!

Hey You-Vote Vote Vote!

Vote for Top Chef Fan Favorite!! Hootie hoo!!

I don't want to influence any voters.
[so I'm sending out a subliminal message: vote Tiffany.
She's the best. Just saying. And she's adorable.
And from the best state in the US of A]

I'm completely objective.

D.C. is a Disaster!

Say hello (or goodbye) to the newest housewives addition:

Unless this show takes a turn for the better, I am definitely not a fan. I'm sorry to say that RHDC has been a letdown so far. I'm tired of politics and its definitely the last thing I want to hear about on T.V.

Seriously, I don't know where these women live in D.C. but I've only been there once and live over 1400 miles away and I know that these people dare to be flashy, not reserved. So let's get real ladies, D.C. is a showy district and none of you should deny the fact that it plays a major part in the show.

Since RHNJ second season is officially over, I have nothing to fall back on. I'm not looking forward to the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I guess I will continue watching the show for the time being but Bravo, don't disappoint me anymore!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Tartare?

The cheftestants had to be ballpark ready for this elimination challenge - but first, I'll give credit to Ed for winning the quickfire challenge! It looked like one yummy Gnocchi meal. For those of you who don't know what Gnocchi is, it's basically a potato-like dumpling, so you know it's got to be good. Even though Angelo's statement about Ed's face being a perfect fit on a frozen meal logo was kind of harsh, I have to say I agree with him. Sorry Ed, no hard feelings please.

The heat really cranked up at the Washington Nationals Stadium. Everyone loved Tiffany's meatball subs. I would definitely call that a ballpark meal - but I still love my basic hotdog with mustard! Ed's corn fritters were also a hit with the fans. Add some good southern food like Ed's choice in the mix and you're guaranteed to have a winner. Ed's fritters won him a trip to Australia and a book from the guest judge. This definitely makes up for being the runner-up in the previous challenge. Now he can easily take his girlfriend somewhere fabulous - who wouldn't want to visit Australia?!

Angelo went a little crazy in the Quickfire...and he calls Ed the Tasmanian Devil in the kitchen?
Ed may not be a Tasmanian Devil, but he definitely has a comical personality -- let's just say Tiffany's yellow dress really didn't compliment his skin tone.

It was definitely time for Amanda to leave. She just wasn't up to par with the rest of the chefs. Not to mention she's kind of odd. Her mac and cheese in the Quickfire challenge probably would've been Heaven on Earth for me since it is one of my favorite meals in the whole entire world, but she definitely played it safe. And who would choose to eat tuna tartare at a baseball game? Ew. And even worse, it supposedly started to turn black? I hope all chefs learned from her mistake...

To wrap it all up: Amanda was eliminated, Ed won both challenges, and Tiffany is still awesome.

I don't buy them on sale at Saks 5th Avenue

What could be better than Fashion Week in NYC? Now add celebrating your 12th anniversary to that week. It doesn't equal marital bliss. It ends up being just another day in the fashion world. Rodger gave it his best, and I have to say, I fell for him in last night's episode. He was so cute going to the lingerie store and trying to pick something tasteful [is that even possible?] out. That's a challenge, buying something for Rachel to wear. How would you like to try and dress a fashion stylist? Fail..Epic Fail. And Rachel was so embarrassed when she was opening her gift. Her face was priceless. I didn't know Rach had any shame.

I'm pretty sure my favorite part of the episode was Brad riding in the car with them. Hil-ar-ious. Can I marry Brad? Seriously. If only I were a gay man...or he was straight.

So glad that Taylor girl is gone. The white bangs and Rayban-wearing-inside-because-I'm-just-too-baller-employee is gone. Love & Light Tay, Love & Light.

We saw Rach and Brad on the hunt for Oscar dresses. That Marchesa dress was majorrrr. And I mean seriously bananas. I die. I'm about to ruin everyone's Zoe life right now and tell you that Rach doesn't get the dress for any of her clients. But Sandra Bullock gets it, so that makes it real okay.

And Brad and Rodger calling in at the QVC show was too great. Love them. Brad is getting saucy this season-thanks to that Taylor girl leaving.

And everyone wants a baby Zoe/Berman. Even Kate Hudson. Will it happen? If Rodger could give birth, I think it would.

Favorite season of Zoe is happening right now. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday @ 10/9c.

The video below is totally Zoe-M-G.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Proverbial Post

I already miss RHONJ. And it's been less than 24 hours. Last night's finale show was kookadoodledoo.

Caroline went out to slay the beast and she won..or lost..or it was a tie? Danielle ran away when Caroline went a little Kelly Killorean Bensimon on us. Danielle needed bodyguards to protect her from the ringleader of the Italian clan, who has been instigating every dramatic hair pull and fashion show foot chase of the season [click]. Then Danielle made her kids hug her rescuers. Who didn't have to rescue her. But saved her life. I loved that Caroline called her garbage..again. She should copyright that expression. And Danielle should copyright proverbial, or actually just stop using it. When you say someone is sitting on a throne, we know it's not an actual throne [exception]. Thanks for having zero faith in human intelligence.

So is the book closed? Oh-let me clarify, the proverbial book. Unless the whole time they were actually referring to the infamous "book" of the Last Supper. Maybe proverbial is needed here. But I did hear that the book is closed about 27 times, so I was just checking.

I might have cried while reading Caroline's blog this morning. I really out-lamed myself, but it's worth the read, so check it out!

There's also a super-mega-crazy-awesome clip from the reunion show which you should check out too! Spoiler: Andy Cohen gets manhandled-nonMazel!!

And if anyone has any solid proof about Danielle being fired from the show, hit us up. All I've found are rumors.

I have to go get scanned by my Zen expert now.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Weather Report

Attention: Hurricane Danielle is steadily strengthening.

& on the same night of RHONJ finale.

I'm just saying.

Danielle vs. Caroline

Happy Birthday to @CarolineManzo!

And Happy NJ Monday to you guys!

So, RHONJ finale show tonight! Be sure to tune in and watch!
A text from Caroline to Danielle?? This should be good.

Real Housewives of NJ
Tonight @ 10/9c

And to celebrate RHONJ finale day, Bravotv is giving the chance to win the "RH Get Personal" book! We have it & LOVE it so definitely try and win!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You're Either In, Or You're Out..of Bravo

I'm sitting here watching Project Runway and it made me realize how much I miss watching it on Bravo. I'm coining the editors of Bravo for this. I think the way they edited the show made all the difference. You felt like you knew the designers personally and the humor was so dry and subtle and that's what made it perfectly hilarious. You can see the perfection of the editing by watching any other show on Bravo. They make it work while Lifetime seems to be saying auf wiedersehen.

So I think the editors at Bravo deserve a guten tag.

This was my favorite season of PR-Season 2!!

Big Hair, Bigger Drama

There should be a Real Housewives Dallas.

All I want is recognition for my clever tagline:
Big Hair, Bigger Drama.

And I would like to be on it.

But I'll have to move to Dallas first.

And become a rich housewife.

And get bigger hair.

Covert Affairs: Meals in Disguise

This week Top Chef contestants had to create a dish for the CIA. The guest judge for this week was Wylie Dufresne.

The Quickfire Challenge: This challenge consisted of identical ingredients for each chef inside a "Mystery Box" (fish, lima beans, and a can of hominy). Tiffany's fish stew came out on top for the challenge. She won another $10,000 making her have a grand total of $20,000 from a previous win. She definitely has enough money to pay for her wedding now!

The Elimination Challenge: The contestants had to serve a "Meal in Disguise" to the CIA. The top dishes of the challenge were Kelly's Kung Pao Shrimp, Tiffany's Gyro, and Ed's Cordon Bleu. The winner of the challenge: Miss Tiffany Derry once again! Congrats Tiff! This challenge came with a prize for a free trip to Paris, France courtesy of the Hilton Hotel. Honeymoon - check!

Although Ed was hoping for a win, he was happy for Tiffany. I'm sure his girlfriend will be very disappointed but hopefully she won't have too many hard feelings...

The worst dishes of the week were Amanda's French Onion Soup, Alex's Veal Parmesan, and Angelo's Beef Wellington. Unfortunately Alex's tough veal and poor dish cost him and he was elimnated. Alex definitely did not have enough experience cut out for him to win this competition.

It's time to say farewell to Alex and wish good luck to the remaining cheftestants!

Mission: Food Disguise

Well it finally happened. Alex got C.I.Axed. We all knew it was coming, so it really wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was Angelo. What happened there? Before I get ahead of myself, let's talk about the QuickFire Challenge:

It was a mystery box challenge, where more ingredients were added throughout the time limit. They had no idea what to expect and I was amazed at how well they did. I didn't even know what the stuff was. Tiffany is our girl and she rocked it out. Another win for her and for Texas. And it was a high stakes QF so she scored another 10k. Shoot-she might just win this whole competition.

The Elimination Challenge brought in the CIA to try and decipher the chef's dishes. The cheftestants were given a common dish that they had to disguise. Tiffany won-making the CIA fools for her gyros. I always knew Texas had the best food.

Angelo geeked out on us this week. Where did the confident douchebag go? Bring him back. I thought he would end being a sure thing for the top 3, but now I'm not so sure.

Every season there is a rice cooker, and every season it doesn't work. When will they learn?

Last season, I knew instantly that one of the Voltaggio Brothers would win the competition. This season, I'm not sold on a sure winner. I don't feel like the chefs are as good as they have been in past seasons. Kind of a bummer.

Oh yeah-Alex lost. Enough said.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who's Ready for Dessert?

Premiers Wednesday, September 15

And don't forget to watch Top Chef tonight @ 10/9c! Chefs are cooking for the CIA!

You Don't Say 'No' to Naomi Campbell or Haiti

This has been on my chest for awhile, and I have to let it out. I love Rachel Zoe's hair. It's killer.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about last night's episode:

We saw Rachel and Brad head to New York City for the Fashion Relief for Haiti show. Naomi Campbell calls up Rach to get her to style the looks for the show. Words of wisdom for the night-saying no to Naomi Campbell and Haiti is not an option. So they battled a snowstorm and hit up the big apple. Rachel rocked out the fur. Did anyone else notice the random guy on the street that almost had her same exact hat on? He had no idea that he was fashionable.

Brad got beat up this week by Zoe. She was not happy, and when Rach isn't happy, no one's happy. There weren't enough looks for the show, and apparently Brad was completely to blame. I don't really get why Rachel didn't call some designers herself. I feel like she has the bigger name and would have more of a chance. But I don't know much, so I'm probably dead wrong. Good to know that designers will risk death by blizzard to send out samples.

It looks like Rachel dropped 'bananas' and replaced it with 'major'. There could be a drinking game for that. Every time Rachel, Brad, or Rodger says 'major', take a shot. I just made your Tuesday nights even more major.

As soon as I heard about Alexander McQueen's death, I thought of Rachel Zoe. She used his designs often and she always crowned him as a fashion genius. So this episode showed her reaction and I thought the way that she gave him a tribute in the fashion show was the perfect ending.

It really struck me how fashion really is an art. The process behind styling is a lot like the process I saw the artists have on Work of Art. You have to express yourself, just using clothes instead of paint and pencils. I guess it just made me appreciate fashion even more that I already do. If only I had a limitless supply of cash.

bless bless
Mallory & Kathryn

The Giudice Family Reunion


The RHNJ is coming to an end but not without a family reunion - Italian style! The trip to Italy continued on this week's episode. Joe and Teresa were excited to introduce the Manzos and Lauritas to their Italian heritage in the village of Sala Consilina, Italy.
First, they made a short trip to Naples. Joe lost it during the bus ride yelling constantly but at the same time telling people to be "civilized" when they reach their destination. Caroline got a kick out of Joe's behavior and even made her cry out of laughter.
And Teresa, well, she just ignored him.
As always, Teresa arrived in style! I swear, her boots were at least four or five inches tall. Milania was concerned for her mommy and didn't want her to "fall and break her neck." Maybe she should take her daughter's concern to heart and not wear killer heels in a village with ancient, unpaved roads! (Although I must say she did look fabulous - yes, the way Milania says "fabulous" is how I intend to say it here).
While most of the clan was chatting with the Giudice family and distant relatives, Caroline and Jacqueline could not get enough of the delicious pasta! The many miles of walking up steep hills in Sala Consilina definitely worked up their appetites. Honestly, I was quite jealous of them. I think I would be visiting the homemade Italian meals more than the family as well! Yum...
It was precious to see the Manzo's parents appreciate their trip to Italy and reminisce on old memories. The probably are the cutest elderly couple ever.
Oh and by the way, if you didn't catch Teresa's comment about her grammar, she says that she has a hard time speaking English and mixes up phrases because up until kindergarten she only spoke fluent Italian. Go figure.
Right now I don't even want to waste time talking about Danielle's part of the episode. There isn't really much change. She is still searching for her biological mother and has hired a private investigator to help her.
Also, I will leave you with a cunning comment that was made on Danielle's most recent blog titled Rumors:

"Glad you are trying to find your biological mother, but please stop saying you have been looking for her for 47 years. Aren't you 47? You weren't looking for her when you were a baby."

Mallory and Kathryn


Okay who is this new voice on Bravo??? What happened to the other guy who narrated all of the commercials?
Not happy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The Manzo's, Laurita's, and Giudice's took Italy by storm this week. I loved this episode-it was such a change of pace for the show. All we have seen this season is Danielle drama and the darker side to the housewives. Finally, we get to see our 3 favorite NJ housewives relax and have fun! I'm not even completely sure why Danielle was shown at the diner [yeah-you guessed it] with Danny [whom we are convinced is one of her bed-buddies] discussing Joe's accident. I guess the editors thought she needed to be on the episode for at least 2 minutes. I discovered that I can't stand her for even that short of time. But let's talk about Joe's accident, or was it "accident"? The story seems a little far fetched to me. He was driving home, yawned, and hit a tree. Did he really blame it on a yawn? If yawns caused accidents, we'd all be dead. And then he was so distraught that he grabbed scotch before the police got there? Come on, Joe. Thank the good Lord in heaven that he didn't cause more harm. If someone had been in his way, it would have been an entirely different situation. He should've called CARPOOL-just saying :) He did slightly redeem himself on the vacation though. Seeing him and his girls was cute. Milania falling asleep at her birthday dinner was hilarious. Teresa's daughters have a ton of personalities and I was laughing the whole time. When Caroline and Albert were watching them made for some awkward but adorable moments. They need grandkids! And I'm willing to take one for the team, as long as it's with Albie. It looked super cold when they were in Venice! When Teresa was yelling "spank me Joe" I seriously died. I was with Jacqueline on that one. "Oh-look at the old buildings. Beautiful. Oh-and look at Teresa and Joe spanking each other? Super." I liked seeing Teresa and Jacqueline being goofy and lame. It showed just how close they are because that's exactly how me and my friends all act when we're together. This episode was just super lighthearted and for lack of a better word, silly. I did learn something though: I now see how Home Alone is more realistic than I first thought.

Be Brilliant, Be Amazing

His art work was brilliant.

He rocked out the art show.

His sculptures that were on the floor blew my mind.

And he loves Jesus.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Alright-time for RHONJ and Kim G. Oh wait-I meant, "who?". Kim G went whack. She was sitting there yelling at Danielle in a public restaurant. I mean, I hate Danielle as much as the next girl, but Kim G blew her lid and then some. It was insane, but not a good insane. When Teresa was chasing Danielle at the fashion show that was pretty hilarious. But Kim G yelling profanities at Danielle was just real classless [maybe the Countess is right-money can't buy you class]. And then she barged in Jacqueline's house and starts cursing and baby Nicholas probably pooped his pants. She knew it had to be coming though. Can anyone really blame Danielle for being upset? Kim G was playing both sides, but only one side knew it. Kim just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Who thinks she's going to become the new housewife? Then it wouldn't be 15 minutes, it would be like a lot of minutes. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm on the fence about her-I like her sometimes, but then there are times where her two-facedness [yes-I made that word up] is just off-the-wall-ridiculous. Danielle freaked her kids out at that shady diner they always go to. She acts more like a kid than her own children do. I don't know how they ended up so decent, but Danielle had nothing to do with it. I guess having to take care of their mother does that to them. I like how the story came from an eyebrow plucker at a salon who was talking to someone, maybe Teresa, or maybe Kim G, or maybe Christine's friend. It was hard to follow that story-I think it kept changing. I'm glad Danielle called her ex-convict friend, Danny "the smallest thug I've ever seen", to take care of salon gossip. Good call.

The Christening of baby Audriana was adorable. That has to be the most beautiful baby, and that's saying something because my little cousin is tough competition. She looked like a porcelain doll. They went above and beyond and beyond and beyond to throw that celebration. Joe seemed to get hot around the collar a few too many times. Are you feeling the loss of money there, Joe? They obviously should have been more careful with their spending. Every episode shows them dropping mega bones on all sorts of important stuff [like a huge, tacky, yellow diamond ring the size of my face, more huge bows for the girls of course, oh and a pizza place-can't forget that one] But I mean, that Christening was amazinggg. No joke-the cake looked like her dress. Seriously folks? I would've thought it was a wedding. I actually wish I could have a wedding that is half as nice as that Christening ceremony. And the baby is like less than 12 months, and I'm like less than 22 years. Bummer on me. It was sweet seeing Jacqueline and Ashley having a cute mother-daughter moment. Those are rare to find in that household. I teared up during the first dance of the parents and Audriana-but really, it's pretty cheesy. The baby was just hanging out there in between her mother's bubbies and her father's oversized chest-we'll call that bubbies too.

Next week looks like a good episode-Joe seems to lose it. I think the money thing starts to come to a boil. Interested to see where that goes! And they all go to Venice?? Whaattt??

Tanti baci! [I think that's Italian, don't know what it means-just go with it]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is Ma-jor

We still don't have cable, but we're trying to catch up by watching them online. Since Rachel Zoe Project was the premiere episode, we'll start with that:

Rachel Zoe Project
is back-and what a season opener. I've missed Brad like crazy, and I love having him back on my Tuesday nights! Let's start with the obvious-Taylor. Where to start? I had no idea she was stealing money from the company. And then to go and steal clients. Wow. Rachel was seriously hurt. She really did love Taylor, it's obvious from past episodes. Taylor was so rude and hateful 90% of the time, but Rachel never held it against her. I just can't believe how the whole Taylor situation is going down. I think Rachel will get closure eventually sometime this season. We'll just have to wait and see. Brad seemed upset about it too. Him and Taylor seemed pretty tight, so it had to be a blow to him too. And who else thinks Brad looks like a completely different person without his glasses?

To sum it up, it looked like they were all completely blindsided.

Rodger is taking over the business, and we saw a little of how that has been developing. I think he is taking his role pretty seriously and so far I think he's an asset to the company. I wonder if the marriage relationship stays separate from the business relationship. Something to watch for.

The Demi photo shoot was major big. How do I know this? Because Rachel and Brad repeated it about 78 times. Those armadillo shoes looked killer, as in you could literally die wearing them. But it made for a beautiful shot. I loved watching Rachel and Brad at work and seeing how they took problems they were having and made it into something better. The shots were gorgeous. I think it's safe to say that Demi is staying with the Zoe.

This season looks like there should be some drama, from Rodger wanting a baby to more Taylor situations. There seems to be a lot in store and the fashion shouldn't let us down. This season is definitely going to be ba-na-nas.

Look for our next posts about RHONJ, Top Chef, Work of Art, Bethenny Getting Married? [last episode!] and RHODC which premieres TONIGHT! Be sure to watch!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't Call Me Honey...

Okay-first off, we just moved across town [our kitchen now displays Skinny Italian] and our cable/internet won't be hooked up until Thursday. Yep, you guessed it-we won't be able to watch most of our Bravo shows this week. So our thoughts will probably have to wait until this weekend. But keep checking back!

[I can't believe we won't get to watch RHONJ tonight]

Second-I'm sure most of you have heard about the RH Get Personal book that just came out in July. Well, we found a misprint. That's right, we found a fact in the book that is wrong. On Caroline Manzo's page, they state that she has three kids: Lauren, twenty, Christopher, twenty-one and Albie, twenty-three. WRONG. Lauren is the middle child and Christopher is the youngest! He just turned 21. And Lauren is 22 now. So they are wrong. Boom. Roasted. Check out Caroline's bio page on bravotv.com to see for yourselves.

We're already feeling the loss of Bravo...