Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I don't buy them on sale at Saks 5th Avenue

What could be better than Fashion Week in NYC? Now add celebrating your 12th anniversary to that week. It doesn't equal marital bliss. It ends up being just another day in the fashion world. Rodger gave it his best, and I have to say, I fell for him in last night's episode. He was so cute going to the lingerie store and trying to pick something tasteful [is that even possible?] out. That's a challenge, buying something for Rachel to wear. How would you like to try and dress a fashion stylist? Fail..Epic Fail. And Rachel was so embarrassed when she was opening her gift. Her face was priceless. I didn't know Rach had any shame.

I'm pretty sure my favorite part of the episode was Brad riding in the car with them. Hil-ar-ious. Can I marry Brad? Seriously. If only I were a gay man...or he was straight.

So glad that Taylor girl is gone. The white bangs and Rayban-wearing-inside-because-I'm-just-too-baller-employee is gone. Love & Light Tay, Love & Light.

We saw Rach and Brad on the hunt for Oscar dresses. That Marchesa dress was majorrrr. And I mean seriously bananas. I die. I'm about to ruin everyone's Zoe life right now and tell you that Rach doesn't get the dress for any of her clients. But Sandra Bullock gets it, so that makes it real okay.

And Brad and Rodger calling in at the QVC show was too great. Love them. Brad is getting saucy this season-thanks to that Taylor girl leaving.

And everyone wants a baby Zoe/Berman. Even Kate Hudson. Will it happen? If Rodger could give birth, I think it would.

Favorite season of Zoe is happening right now. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday @ 10/9c.

The video below is totally Zoe-M-G.


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  3. Seriously. Who doesn't love Rachel Zoe. I'm obsessed.

  4. I freaking love Rachel, she's so awesome. I love this show! I'm definetly adding this to my blog 'rounds you guys are great!


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