Monday, August 30, 2010

Top Chef Takes Top Spot

Good eating took the win last night at the Emmy's! Top Chef became Top Show! I think everyone was shocked [don't believe me? See picture below for solid proof]. 'Amazing Race' has won 7 times in a row in the reality competition category and was expected to win for the 8th time. But Top Chef told them to pack their passports and go. Tom Colicchio, ever the Mr. Sunshine, tweeted during the awards show and said "we won". Andy Cohen was rather nonchalant when he tweeted "WE WONNNNNN! TOPCHEF TOPCHEF TOPCHEF TOPCHEF!!" And can I just comment on Padma-she looked stinking gorgeousss! She pulled off that 'beautiful without trying look' effortlessly, like she always does. So natural, but so beautiful! Gail looked stunning as well, but she is just so adorable all the time anyways. Tom had it good, 2 beautiful ladies on each arm-nice going Tommy.
Congratulations Top Chef on your first Emmy! We knew that this foodtastic show had it in them!


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