Thursday, August 12, 2010


The Manzo's, Laurita's, and Giudice's took Italy by storm this week. I loved this episode-it was such a change of pace for the show. All we have seen this season is Danielle drama and the darker side to the housewives. Finally, we get to see our 3 favorite NJ housewives relax and have fun! I'm not even completely sure why Danielle was shown at the diner [yeah-you guessed it] with Danny [whom we are convinced is one of her bed-buddies] discussing Joe's accident. I guess the editors thought she needed to be on the episode for at least 2 minutes. I discovered that I can't stand her for even that short of time. But let's talk about Joe's accident, or was it "accident"? The story seems a little far fetched to me. He was driving home, yawned, and hit a tree. Did he really blame it on a yawn? If yawns caused accidents, we'd all be dead. And then he was so distraught that he grabbed scotch before the police got there? Come on, Joe. Thank the good Lord in heaven that he didn't cause more harm. If someone had been in his way, it would have been an entirely different situation. He should've called CARPOOL-just saying :) He did slightly redeem himself on the vacation though. Seeing him and his girls was cute. Milania falling asleep at her birthday dinner was hilarious. Teresa's daughters have a ton of personalities and I was laughing the whole time. When Caroline and Albert were watching them made for some awkward but adorable moments. They need grandkids! And I'm willing to take one for the team, as long as it's with Albie. It looked super cold when they were in Venice! When Teresa was yelling "spank me Joe" I seriously died. I was with Jacqueline on that one. "Oh-look at the old buildings. Beautiful. Oh-and look at Teresa and Joe spanking each other? Super." I liked seeing Teresa and Jacqueline being goofy and lame. It showed just how close they are because that's exactly how me and my friends all act when we're together. This episode was just super lighthearted and for lack of a better word, silly. I did learn something though: I now see how Home Alone is more realistic than I first thought.

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