Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is Ma-jor

We still don't have cable, but we're trying to catch up by watching them online. Since Rachel Zoe Project was the premiere episode, we'll start with that:

Rachel Zoe Project
is back-and what a season opener. I've missed Brad like crazy, and I love having him back on my Tuesday nights! Let's start with the obvious-Taylor. Where to start? I had no idea she was stealing money from the company. And then to go and steal clients. Wow. Rachel was seriously hurt. She really did love Taylor, it's obvious from past episodes. Taylor was so rude and hateful 90% of the time, but Rachel never held it against her. I just can't believe how the whole Taylor situation is going down. I think Rachel will get closure eventually sometime this season. We'll just have to wait and see. Brad seemed upset about it too. Him and Taylor seemed pretty tight, so it had to be a blow to him too. And who else thinks Brad looks like a completely different person without his glasses?

To sum it up, it looked like they were all completely blindsided.

Rodger is taking over the business, and we saw a little of how that has been developing. I think he is taking his role pretty seriously and so far I think he's an asset to the company. I wonder if the marriage relationship stays separate from the business relationship. Something to watch for.

The Demi photo shoot was major big. How do I know this? Because Rachel and Brad repeated it about 78 times. Those armadillo shoes looked killer, as in you could literally die wearing them. But it made for a beautiful shot. I loved watching Rachel and Brad at work and seeing how they took problems they were having and made it into something better. The shots were gorgeous. I think it's safe to say that Demi is staying with the Zoe.

This season looks like there should be some drama, from Rodger wanting a baby to more Taylor situations. There seems to be a lot in store and the fashion shouldn't let us down. This season is definitely going to be ba-na-nas.

Look for our next posts about RHONJ, Top Chef, Work of Art, Bethenny Getting Married? [last episode!] and RHODC which premieres TONIGHT! Be sure to watch!

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