Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Giudice Family Reunion


The RHNJ is coming to an end but not without a family reunion - Italian style! The trip to Italy continued on this week's episode. Joe and Teresa were excited to introduce the Manzos and Lauritas to their Italian heritage in the village of Sala Consilina, Italy.
First, they made a short trip to Naples. Joe lost it during the bus ride yelling constantly but at the same time telling people to be "civilized" when they reach their destination. Caroline got a kick out of Joe's behavior and even made her cry out of laughter.
And Teresa, well, she just ignored him.
As always, Teresa arrived in style! I swear, her boots were at least four or five inches tall. Milania was concerned for her mommy and didn't want her to "fall and break her neck." Maybe she should take her daughter's concern to heart and not wear killer heels in a village with ancient, unpaved roads! (Although I must say she did look fabulous - yes, the way Milania says "fabulous" is how I intend to say it here).
While most of the clan was chatting with the Giudice family and distant relatives, Caroline and Jacqueline could not get enough of the delicious pasta! The many miles of walking up steep hills in Sala Consilina definitely worked up their appetites. Honestly, I was quite jealous of them. I think I would be visiting the homemade Italian meals more than the family as well! Yum...
It was precious to see the Manzo's parents appreciate their trip to Italy and reminisce on old memories. The probably are the cutest elderly couple ever.
Oh and by the way, if you didn't catch Teresa's comment about her grammar, she says that she has a hard time speaking English and mixes up phrases because up until kindergarten she only spoke fluent Italian. Go figure.
Right now I don't even want to waste time talking about Danielle's part of the episode. There isn't really much change. She is still searching for her biological mother and has hired a private investigator to help her.
Also, I will leave you with a cunning comment that was made on Danielle's most recent blog titled Rumors:

"Glad you are trying to find your biological mother, but please stop saying you have been looking for her for 47 years. Aren't you 47? You weren't looking for her when you were a baby."

Mallory and Kathryn

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