Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is Fierce

Christian Siriano-who doesn't love this hot mess of a designer? Project Runway was at it's prime when Christian scored the title of winner for season 4 [back when it was on Bravo and still amazing]

Well the former PR contestant has gone from runway to sidewalk by designing shoes for Payless that are in stores now. Take a look at his collection:

Jacqueline Exotic Zip Sandal


Empress Dress Shoes

So what do you guys say? Is he in or is he out?


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog you guys. i absolutely love christian siriano and i think he is doing a lovely job for payless. especially when it's so difficult during this time period to start your own business.
    Haute Californian

  2. i love christian siriano's fashion, so i've got to say in.

    Nici from

  3. I love Christian Siriano's shoes - especailly the second pair!

    Thanks for your comments! :)


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