Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Who Do You Love More?"

Who got Rodger's panties in a wad? He needed to pull it out of his buttcrack and lighten up. I usually side with babe..uh-Rodger..but this episode I definitely felt for Brad and Rach. When they were filming the Zoeinator video [which is mahjor-ly hilarious. Check it out below] I thought Rodg hit the wall going 90. The Zoe camp was doing something fun for a change but he was all PMSing on them. I could kind of understand why he was getting frustrated but he took it way too far. He had a heart-to-heart with Brad, and patched things up with Rachel's other boo.

Brad and Jordan did a photoshoot for Zico coconut water [ew-no thanks] and Molly Sims all on their own. And it was kind of a disaster at first. Brad blushed more than a prostitute in church. Wait-that's not the saying is it? Just go with it. But they pulled it together and whipped something gorgeous out. The photographer was kind of crazy, am I right or am I right?

We also got to see Rachel go grocery shopping, which was totally bananas. I think she is the only person that wears sunglasses and leopard print fur to the store, other than that one-legged homeless man down the street. She had to bring along backup, which is a classic RZ move. She then kind of cooked for her family, the fashion one and the biological one, for Passover Seder [never heard of it]. Did she really wear a cape to cook in? Yes, yes she did. Joey and Rachel had a heart-to-heart as well, and we discovered Rach's real fear of having a baby. She's being realistic, and I think that causes one to be more fearful sometimes. I mean, she is older and not the healthiest looking woman [eat some Kosher gravy] so I can understand why she would be concerned, but there are so many success stories that you can't just listen to the failed attempts. Or they should just listen to me and adopt Brad.

Next week is the season finale and I am so bummed. I need my favorite bow-tie wearing gorgeous gay guy on a weekly basis. Not okay. Tune in next Tuesday @ 10/9c!

Oh! Don't forget: Top Chef season finale hits the tube tonight @ 10/9c and stay tuned after for TC:Just Desserts!

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  1. lol. I loved this episode. Poor Brad...he does come second, and for a while knew his place. Looking forward to future episodes. I don't think he'll stand for it much longer.

    <3, natasha


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