Wednesday, September 8, 2010

90210 Moment=Mah-jor Problem

RZP had some banana moments last night. The tension between Rach and Rodg was a little wackadoodle. Rodg plays the part of the lonely housewife too well. Maybe he should be on RHOBH?? But please Rach, come on, have a kid for your boo. I think they should just adopt Brad and call it a day.

We got to see Rachel and Brad styling some figure skater, Johnny Weir. I have to agree with Brad, Jonny did make him look masculine. Weir is so skinny, it's like Rachel thin. Give him a sandwich. I was happy for Brad though. Johnny called him when he was having styling problems [see 90210 Brenda-Kelly spring fling dress moment to experience exact feeling of trauma], not Rach. I think it gave Brad that little boost of confidence he needed.

Finally the Oscar dress hunt is over. Rachel pulled through another year. All of her clients looked mahjor. Demi Moore's dress killed it. And I have to say that that was the best Cameron Diaz has looked at an award's show in a long time.

So mazel to the RZ crew!

In case you missed their looks, here are Demi and Cameron's Oscar gowns:

photos curtesy of [Demi Moore] and [Cameron Diaz}


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  2. BAhhh I meant to post that I love Brad he is the best part of Rachel Zoe and that Rachel needs to eat. Cameron's dress was amazing.

    PS Thank you so much for the comment!!

  3. I love both the dresses and I adore the name of your blog :)


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