Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Am I Turning Into Taylor?"

Is it really over already? I feel like it just came on. No more Zoe-isms, or Zoe-M-G moments, or Rodger being a moody housewife, or BRAD! Noooo. Listen Andy Cohen-give Brad his own show and let it be year round. Okay-thanks. Speaking of Brad, I wonder who his boyfriend is? I totally hope it's Joey.

So this was the last episode of the season and I'm so mahjorly bummed, so much so that it's lit-rally on another Anne Hathaway showed up! I love seeing celebrities out of their element. Like when you see a teacher outside of school. It's like seeing a dog walk on it's hind legs. Rachel got to go to the Met Ball with Marc Jacobs and his dress. We got to see just how super thin she is. You could count her ribs. I'm not a doctor, but I'm going to say that's no bueno. She needs to skip the coffee and dive right into the bagels.

We saw Rach and Rodg go to the woman doctor. How gay did Rodg look in that yellow plaid shirt, chains, and Justin Bieber hair? Honestly, no fooling, Brad dresses more straight then Rodg. I think there is seriously something wrong with that. Zoe-M-G! Is Brad dating Rodg?! Twist for next season!

But seriously, Rach and Rodg talked about the babe..y once again, but as far as I know, nothing has happened as of the present. I do know that they are still happily together thanks to my compulsive Twitter habit that I can't seem to shake. I I I'm sorry, I n-n-need my Zoe Camp hit of Tweets.

Well it's time we said ciao [that's foreign for 'bye']!


  1. I'm so sad about it! I love me some Rachel. But I can say it was a good last episode. When she said "Not only am I dying but I'm actually dead" on the set of the shoot for V? I DIED lmao. Rachel is just the best! Oh well =(

  2. I was so disappointed with this season :( It was way too short, and focused way more on Rodg's PMSing than actual fashion! Is is bad that I actually missed Taylor!?


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