Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beverly Hills, That's Where I Don't Want To Be

We've been putting off this post, probably because we aren't too excited about it. But here it goes: RHOBH. Yep-Beverly Hills is getting Real. Another California RH. Isn't OC enough?? It's the original and one of my favorite RH and I just don't feel like BH was needed. I guess we'll be seeing some more over-tan, blonde, big bubbied, Botoxed women. But hey-we might be surprised and love this one. On the positive, it won't take much for it to be better than DC.

We still think that there should be a Texas one because who doesn't love Southern women? Everything's bigger in Texas, from the hair to the heart [and let's not forget the food]. So we're waiting Andy Cohen, we're waiting.


  1. I agree :) BH and OC will probably be much alike :) I'd love to see another kind of housewives :)


  2. OMG one in Texas would be so good! Where's the diversity?!?!


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