Friday, September 17, 2010

May Induce Drooling

So I just got to watch Top Chef: Just Desserts last night. I know, I know. I'm like way behind and I feel like a hypocrite because I was raving about how stoked I was for the premiere. Listen, my roommate made cookies and I got distracted and missed it. Can you blame me? I missed Just Desserts for a dessert. I think that justifies it. She made little doozies, and they rocked my world [I think she's putting up the recipe on her blog so check it out:].

Okay, so I love Zac-he's hilarious. Already have my fan favorite. Plus, he spells his name like Zac Efron. And that scores major points for him. Speaking of Zefron, did you see his perv beard/stach/soul patch look going on? Why Zac, why? Maybe he's trying to scare Vanessa off so that we can be together. Oh yeah-Bravo.

The quickfire was to make a cupcake of their signature dishes. I love cupcakes. I feel like these so-called "pastry chefs" would be able to make a cupcake, but apparently not all of them can. Congrats to Seth for winning with his basil cupcake! Such a weird twist of flavors, but it looked delicious. I think Seth will be a top contender, but we'll see what happens.

The elimination challenge was to make a decadent chocolate dessert. A lot of the chefs acted like using chocolate was the worst, but isn't that like the most common ingredient in desserts? Tania's dessert was uh-gooey, but not in that warm gooey brownie way. Maybe she should have had flour in her flourless torte. I think we all knew who was being sent home. Mazel to Heather H. for winning with her Dark Chocolate Mousse Torte-it looked mega delicious.

We have another Texan to root for-Morgan. Too bad he's a douchebag. Don't blame Texas upbringing though, because he's originally from California [no offense]. We are trying our best to make a Southern gentleman out of him, give us time.

Looking forward to next week! Bring on the dessert loving!

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  1. Hi girls! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Hah! So we got desserts for today! I love desserts. I can guzzle 3 of 'em in one sitting. They are good excuses for missing something!


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