Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Chef Takes a Turn for the Worst

Alright so last night's Top Chef episode was all about astronauts and freeze-dried food. Yum...uh more like yuck! I'm going to give you the good news first and then announce the bad news :(

Good News
The judges agreed that the last five chefs performed fantastically!
I think this was the most intense episode so far. Also, this episode's guest judge is one of my favorite chefs/world traveler, Anthony Bourdain.

Bad News
After a tough deliberation, the judges had to eliminate my favorite cheftestant, Tiffany Derry. She was my fellow Texas native from Beaumont. She has such a great attitude and joyful spirit. Confession: when she was eliminatedfrom the competition last night I cried. I've never cried watching Top Chef so that was definitely a first time experience. I wish her the best and much continued success.
I love you Tiff! Happy newlywed life!

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