Monday, September 27, 2010


So I just watched TC Just Desserts last night-blame it on my busy week of exams, class, internship, work and the gym.

It's time for this week's dish on dessert-so I'm pretty sure the oven fumes are getting to Seth. He went ba-na-nas, but not in the good Rachel Zoe way, more like Kelly talking about 'being a cook, not a chef' way. Okay-I can understand that the Quickfire Challenge [penny candy inspired dessert] was for his mother, and when he failed, he took it harder than usual, but really Seth, get a grip. The guest judge, Elizabeth Falkner, had to hug it out with him. The Elimination Challenge was to make a dessert inspired by a cocktail. What, no SkinnyGirl Margarita? What kind of Bravo show is this? The cheftestants got to do some bar tending for their ingredients. So if Seth's previous breakdown wasn't enough, he had to get behind the bar and act like an angry alcoholic. I know I've mentioned it before, but seriously-I love Zac. How stinking adorable is he? And he even helped out Seth-the-Spastic. And what does Seth do? Bumps into Zac's tray of chocolate squares. Way to go, Seth, way to go. I also like Yigit, because his name is Yigit. Enough said.

Congratulations to Danielle for the QF win with her dirt pudding inspired dish and to Erica for her Elimination Challenge win with her Margarita Bombe!
Be sure to tune in this Wednesday @ 10/9c

PS: Would it be totally lame to dress up as different Real Housewives for Halloween?

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