Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ultimate Male Challenge

Part one of Top Chef's season seven finale didn't disappoint. The semi-finalists brought the heat to Singapore using their creative edge to impress the judges. Angelo's passion for food was more evident then ever, Kevin kicked it up a notch, Kelly tasted all of her foreign foods, and Ed just rocked it out. But like every other episode, one cheftestant had to go. Although the chefs were overall impressed with their exotic meals, they the chose to elimate the sole woman, Kelly. Her cucumber concoction just didn't cut it for the judges. Even before the judges announced the winner (which was Ed - who also won the final Quickfire challenge and gained immunity) Angelo was extremely upset to the point where he began to cry! Oh Angelo, your passion for food is just so incredible! I would love for him to make me a meal one day...I'm sure it would be out of this world.

So even though Kelly had to leave us, I'm super excited about the final episode. This season has defintely had some surprises and let-downs (I still love you, Tiff) but nonetheless I'm addicted!

Watch the Top Chef Washington D.C. part two season finale as they continue to take on Singapore next Wednesday, September 15 @ 10/9 c. Will their dishes be Asian-friendly or Asian-foe?

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