Friday, October 22, 2010


Why is there a picure of Ben Weiner and Andy Cohen, you might ask?
No reason-just needed a picture.

First off-sorry. We haven't been updating our blog in about for-ev-er, so we would like to apologize. We have been busy with class, exams, clubs, jobs, internships, tutoring, football games, coffee breaks [okay-those last 2 are actually things we really enjoy] and other lame college-life activities [we're talking about you, accounting and marketing].

But here's what we're going to do:
Give you a Bravo Update on our thoughts and findings

[the Cliff Notes version-because hey, we're in college and that's what you do]

1. Vicki Gunvalson from the RHOOC has filed for a divorce from her husband Donn

-What happened to her whole "renewing vows on the beach" bit?

-Apparently her love tank still wasn't filled.

2. Cat Ommanery from RHODC has filed for a divorce from her husband Charles

-Oh well

3. Rachel Zoe is suspected to be in her first tri-mester

-Is it true? Is it false? We don't know.

4. RHOBH is kind of obnoxious. Plus-I like to see some kind of movement in the face now and then

-We mainly mean you, Camille.

5. We find Johnny Iuzzini extremely attractive, but we can't figure out why

-It's definitely not the greasy Fonzie look he has going on, so what the heck is it?!

6. Just saw a promo for Top Chef All Stars and it was super exciting

7. Still think there should be a Real Housewives of Dallas or Houston

-I'm telling you, "Big Hair, Bigger Drama"

8. Who else is totally over Heather H. on TC Just Desserts? We get it-you don't like Morgan

-But we do. That whole over-confidence thing is kind of rubbing off on us

Well, it's been real, it's been fun, I guess I can say, it's been real fun.

Until next time, whenever that is.


  1. Check out my new blog!!

  2. great post! don't worry about not updating your blog, we all do it from time to time (especially me! haha)


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